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Celebrities Separating With Style

Another week, another celebrity break up.  This time it is Australia’s own Naomi Watts and Hollywood heavy weight Liev Schreiber, however their separation is markedly different to that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Showing that separating can simply be two people deciding that they are better people and parents when they are not together, Naomi and Liev have, since announcing their split continued to openly support one another’s role as a parent, their achievements and reflecting with pride on their relationship, even though it has ended.

Whilst the cynics amongst us may think that it is just an act designed to throw the press off the scent of scandal, it would be nice to think that this is an accurate reflection of how people can separate with style.

Often Family Lawyers are only engaged to assist parties who have amicably and happily separated to formalise agreements in relation to the division of their assets, their children’s living arrangements and other issues such as child support and spousal maintenance.

Here at Marino Law, our expert Family Lawyer can assist those parties wanting to separate with such style, by way of documenting any agreements necessary in a straightforward, no fuss and cost effective manner.  We pride ourselves on our resolution focused approach to family law and are available to assist you with little to no delay.  Call us now for assistance.

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