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Commercial & Retail Leasing

Our commercial and property lawyers, act for a wide range of landlords and tenants of commercial property and retail shops and centres on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland. By doing so, we have a real understanding of client’s needs and are able to adopt a commercial approach to ensuring our clients rights are protected without unnecessary complexities associated with negotiation and settlement of the terms of the lease.

Areas of expertise with commercial and retail leasing include:

  • retail, commercial and industrial leasing
  • lease negotiations, drafting and advice
  • due diligence
  • retail legislation compliance
  • management of tenancies for landlords
  • lease enforcement and dispute resolution

Given the complexity that is often involved with lease negotiation and the documentation involved, it is important that tenants seek our advice with any proposed lease, variation or renewal of lease. With new leasing arrangements, it is essential that tenants are aware of their obligations before becoming bound to the lease and often offers to lease or agreements to lease actually bind tenants to proceed to lease without their knowledge. We would recommend that you contact our property law team us prior to negotiating the terms of lease and before you sign any documentation to ensure that your rights are protected and there are no restrictions on your ability to operate your business.

We can assist you whether as landlord or tenant in complying with your statutory requirements, particularly if your lease is governed by the Retail Shop Leases Act. As a landlord, we will assist with the disclosure requirements as part of the process of preparing the lease. Retail tenants must (unless they are considered major tenants as defined under the above Act) must obtain legal advice and complete a legal advice report which we can undertake on your behalf.

With a wealth of experience in both our property and litigation teams, we can ensure all lease disputes are dealt with swiftly and appropriately by preserving your rights and where possible negotiating fair outcomes satisfactory to the respective parties. Of course, amicable resolution may not always be possible and it you will be in safe hands

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