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Personal Pre Insolvency Advice

It is imperative that anyone experiencing financial hardship immediately seek urgent professional pre insolvency legal advice to avoid or minimise the consequences that may follow from being made bankrupt.

Our team of highly qualified insolvency solicitors can provide you with strategic pre insolvency advice regarding:

  • a person’s rights and obligations when served with a bankruptcy notice and/or a creditor’s petition
  • the validity of a bankruptcy notice
  • resisting a bankruptcy application in Court
  • a person’s rights and obligations when contemplating a debtors petition
  • a person’s rights and obligations in relation to financial agreements entered into by them, for example, mortgages, car finance, hire purchase agreements, credit cards etc
  • negotiating settlements with creditors
  • alternatives to bankruptcy such as Debt Agreements (Part IX) (see below) or Personal Insolvency Agreements (Part X) (see below)

Our insolvency lawyers have strong professional relationships with accountants and insolvency practitioners who can provide you with the professional advice you require.

Our team of experienced pre insolvency lawyers can assist you with all aspects of personal insolvency.

To find out more about what we can offer, visit our areas of law pages or contact our insolvency solicitors for a consultation.

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