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Marino Law’s experienced Gold Coast property lawyers and real estate law team act for a wide variety of clients.
Ranging from large developers, owners of commercial properties, public listed companies to mum and dad owners of small residential properties, at Marino Law, we can assist you with all your property and real estate needs including the following:

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Body Corporate Advisory and Administration

With our exposure to many aspects of property law, property transactions and property development, we believe it is essential to have the knowledge and expertise with body corporate matters. This is at times of complex area of law and we can assist you with any aspect of body corporate law by ensuring …



An encroachment is when a structure or object on one lot owner’s or occupier’s land extends beyond his boundaries and encroaches on the adjoining land of another. For example, if your neighbour was to construct a shed that partially hangs over your land, or if they were to build a patio or a porch that hangs over your property line, this may be considered to be an encroachment onto your land.


Property Development

We work with our clients on every legal aspect with property development from site acquisition, due diligence, development and construction, sale of lots and allotments and body corporate formation. Our experienced litigation department can also assist with any Planning and Environmental Court Appeals.


Residential Conveyancing

Buying or selling a residential property is a big decision and a significant matter for most people. Our experienced conveyancers and property lawyers guide our clients step by step through the conveyancing processes by delivering clear, concise advice and adopting a common sense approach.


Commercial and Retail Leasing

Our commercial and property lawyers, act for a wide range of landlords and tenants of commercial property and retail shops and centres on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland. By doing so, we have a real understanding of client’s needs and are able to adopt a commercial approach to ensuring our clients rights…


Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is a non-government body that makes recommendations to the Australian Government about proposals by foreign investors to invest in Australia’s economy. These recommendations are generally based on whether an investment proposal by a foreign person is suitable for approval…


Put and Call Options

A put and call option is a contract that provides one party an enforceable right to buy (or ‘call’) and the other party to sell (or ‘put’) real property at a future time and at a particular price. There are also call options available providing grantee’s with a unilateral right to purchase.


Transmission Applications and Record of Death

Upon the death of a registered proprietor (other than if he or she holds as a joint tenant), the personal representative must call in the property (or the relevant interest). A Transmission Application (or Transmission by Death) involves the registration of an estate in the name of a new registered owner …


Commercial / Industrial Conveyancing

Our team of experienced property solicitors can assist with navigating our clients through the myriad of issues and complexities associated with the acquisition and disposal of different types of commercial real estate on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland.


Lodging or Disputing Caveats

A caveat is a notice that a person claims an interest in a property. When used properly, a caveat can be quite useful in protecting one’s rights in relation to the subject property. However, many are unaware of the ramifications in lodging a caveat and can end up involved in complex legal proceedings and may even be liable…


Related Party Transfers

Our family law and property lawyers are often involved with preparing transfers between related parties or parties dealing other than at ‘arms length’. If you are considering transferring property to a family member (or any third party) whether by way of absolute gift, partial gift, full consideration or as part of a family law order…


Why Choose Us

Marino Law is a leading boutique law firm centrally located in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast and regularly servicing clients in Brisbane, throughout Queensland and Australia.


Multi-award winning, highly qualified and experienced team of legal professionals.


Recognised as leaders in our specialised areas of practice of business and personal law.


Practical solutions, strategic legal advice and a track record of success.


Access premium legal services at Marino Law’s cost effective rates.

Personal & Business

Marino Law can handle all of your personal and business law requirements.


Easily accessed with easy parking, find Marino Law on the highway at Mermaid Beach.

Frequently asked questions

What areas of law does Marino Law assist with?

Marino Law offers legal assistance in Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Divorce, De Facto & Family Law, Child Custody & Parenting Arrangements, Commercial & Business Law, Property Law & Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Estate & Succession Planning, Personal & Corporate Insolvency, Intellectual Property and Migration Law.

Can you handle all of my personal and business legal matters?

Yes. Whether you’re after legal services and advice for business or personal matters, Marino Law will work with you to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

How experienced are your lawyers?

With more than 100 years experience in all aspects of law, the team at Marino Law is made up of senior lawyers with a variety of experience in the various areas of business and personal law.

Where is Marino Law located?

We are located on the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach. Free parking is available in the adjacent street.

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