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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a modern alternative to traditional family law practice that focuses on reaching resolution, by minimising conflict and addressing the parties’ legal, financial and emotional needs, without the threat of going to Court.

The collaborative process involves the parties, their respective lawyers and on occasion other neutral professionals, (i.e. accountants, financial advisors and counsellors) working together as a team to reach a mutually acceptable settlement.

Collaborative Law can be used to facilitate disputes regarding both parenting and property matters. The process and subsequent resolution is fair and focuses upon promoting the needs, interests and objectives of each party and the family unit as a whole.

Our experienced team of Family Lawyers are able to assist clients who are interested in using a collaborative law process to resolve their outstanding family law matters.

To find out more about what we can offer, visit our areas of law pages or contact us for a consultation. arrangement.

Marius Eden, Special Counsel is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Specialist Accreditation acknowledges an additional course of study and the achievement of a high level of practical skill and knowledge in the area of expertise.

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