Shareholder, Partnership & Joint Venture Agreements

Gold Coast Business lawyers

All too often, we see disputes arising between business or joint venture partners including as to making business decisions, drawings, profit, retirement, partners being absent from the business or failing to achieve goals.

To minimise disputes arising and to outline each partners rights and obligations, it is prudent for partners to enter into a written agreement defining their relationship, their obligations and milestones, how decisions are to be made, the processes of exiting the business, restraints and confidentiality (to name a few).

Such agreements can be tailored to suit the business entity – for example a partnership agreement can be prepared for partnerships and a shareholders agreement for shareholders in a corporate entity and whilst they may not cover you against all eventualities, they will certainly go some way to saving time and costs and minimising disputes between business partners.

For advice on any such agreements presented to you or for the preparation of shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements or similar agreements, please contact our business and commercial law department on 5526 0157.