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Confusion in the Brangelina parenting dispute

Whilst the vast majority of parenting disputes (at least in Australia) are not the subject of public scrutiny nor are they fodder for the gossip columns, a post from highlights just how divergent views on parenting arrangements can be.  It is not uncommon for one parent to believe that an agreement had been reached and the other parent be totally in the dark about said agreement.   It can also be the case that one parent can see the other’s acceptance of an arrangement as being indicative of their consent to same.

The reality is often starkly different.  In highly conflictual parenting disputes, it can be the case that one parent completely withholds the children from the other.  There are often good reasons for this, sometimes there are not.  When there are no parenting Orders in place, there is little that the non-withholding parent can do but get prompt, expert legal advice and take appropriate steps to resume their relationship with their child or children.

When allegations are made, such as those against Brad Pitt, it is common to see a parent agree to spending time with their children in a supervised or as Jolie’s camp says a “therapeutic” environment.  This does not always mean that the parent is agreeing that there is a need for supervision, but simply indicative of a parent who is prepared to do whatever is necessary to resume or continue their relationship with their child or children.   The duration of these arrangements is subject to the agreement of the parties or an Order of the Court.

If you are considering withholding your children from their other parent, or are a parent who’s children are being withheld from you, it is vital to obtain expert legal advice as soon as you can so that you can commence to navigate the path towards resolution of your dispute.  The Family Law team at Marino Law is available to speak with you at any time if there are urgent issues and appointments can be made as soon as possible to discuss your parenting dispute.

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